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From the vineyards

We take the utmost care of the soils to ensure our wines meet the highest of standards. We are in the process of working towards the Organic Agriculture Conversion, due for completion 2021.

Our pesticide free and herbicide free vineyards are ruled by the lunar calendar which respects the natural growth of the vines. Each plot is tendered and pruned using the Guyot and Guyot Poussard method which respects the sap routes.

Soil tests carried out with Bio Bourgogne have allowed us to adapt the type of fertiliser we use for each plot. We enrich the microbiota of the soil using the biodynamic Maria Thun process.

Our mission is to bring the best wine for you to enjoy!

Château de Garnerot - Harvest 2019 - Pinot noir
Château de Garnerot - Alexia Russo et Caroline Fyot in the vineyards
Château de Garnerot - From the vineyards

To the winery

In the winery, we do our best to work in a natural way. Our vinification process respects the handpicked grapes. Once picked the grapes are transported from to vineyard to the winery in openwork crates. Each plot produces a cuvée.

For our white wines we do 24 hours cold settling of the juices, before placing them in oak barrels where the alcoholic fermentation then takes place.

For our red wines, grapes are rigorously sorted. Depending on the wine batches, the grapes are partially or totally destemmed. Cold maceration process allows for a gentle extraction of tannins, pigments and primary aromas. The alcohol fermentation is carried out by the indigenous yeasts, unique to each plot and terroir. Depending on the need of each cuvée, we do pump-overs and punch-downs.

Depending on the cuvée, our wines are aged in oak barrels for 10 to 18 months, of which 10 to 30% are new.

Château de Garnerot - To the winery - Harvest 2019
Château de Garnerot - To the winery - Harvest 2019
Château de Garnerot - Harvest 2019 to the winery